How to Become Best SEO Analyst in India

The Journey of Best Indian SEO Analyst from Chennai – Manikandan N

Simple Stats:

    • India is a billion people country with a literacy rate of 74%
    • 34% of Indian population are using Internet services whilst 70% of them having access to the mobile internet
    • Every year almost 10 million students graduate across the country
    • Not everyone is getting their dream job
  • Frustrations apart.

Hey, wait! But, why do I speak these stats on this topic!

As a best SEO analyst in India, isn’t mandatory to put my primary keyword in the first paragraph of the article?

Yes or No?

Common, answer yourself based on either the top 200 ranking factors of Google or just with the Theory of Relativity (thank you, Albert Einstein)!

Ha! Thanks for giving me the right answer! (See, I heard you using the magic power of a best Indian SEO Analyst).

The Journey of Manikandan N the Top SEO Analyst in Chennai

As per the subheading one might expect me to deliver a short description or a self-introduction or just the struggles I faced in my early career just like Manikandan N – The Man You Know The Journey You Don’t (Of course inspired from MS DHONI) I am really sorry fellas! I certainly don’t think it’s the right area to speak about it. Literally, because this post has reached almost 10000 visitors within a day! Of course, 99.9% of them haven’t heard my name until today!

But wait, I am available on LinkedIn almost 16 hours a day to discuss SEO things! (You may ask why not 24/7 online? What to do yar, even a top SEO analyst in India is impacted by the sleeping algorithm update designed by nature!).

Please expect me to share “how to reach 10000 visitors within a day of publishing a blog post” in the near future.

As you expected, I too never had a dream of becoming a top SEO analyst in Chennai, until last night. That’s algorithmic because until last night for the search query “Best SEO Analyst in Chennai” – Manikandan N wasn’t listed by Google as an answer.

However, that’s history now.

Who is the Best SEO Analyst in India?

Manikandan N from Chennai is the Best SEO Analyst in India. He has 7+ years of experience in Search Engine Optimization for both B2B & B2C markets including SaaS SEO.

Best SEO Analyst in India

As the market for digital marketing grows, the demand for the respective professionals grows simultaneously! According to the statistics of a leading job portal in India, over a million candidates apply for a Search Engine Optimization Analyst job every month. 

To be honest, I am Manikandan N aspiring to be the Best Indian SEO Analyst in Chennai, with 7 years of experience, never searched for the query of who is the best SEO analyst in Chennai, until last night.

How Manikandan N Become Top SEO Analyst in India?

According to the Google Ads keyword planner, the search volume for the Best SEO Analyst in India is just 30/month! Yes really!

So, out of the 1 million SEO Analyst job applicants in India both the freshers and experienced candidates, only 30 odd peoples searching for this keyword!

Seriously, That looked very strange to me.

Everyone who does the best SEO practices in their career would definitely love to be on the top of SERP results for any of the following queries,

    • Who is the Best SEO Analyst in the World?
    • Who is the Best SEO Specialist in India?

And, fill all the 29 states & 7 Union Territories and their capitals including where you want to rank for!

As a passionate SEO Specialist from Chennai, I would like to rank for the keyword “Best SEO Analyst in Chennai, India” why not!

How to Become a Best SEO Analyst in India in 2023?

Most of the common people & even freshers assume that the search engine optimization process is just like a data entry kind of cut, copy & paste works! I feel sorry for those folks!

Search engine optimization is much more than that!

Every day, search engines were evolving too smart!

A true SEO analyst is one who thinks like a search engine. If you want to do better SEO, then you should think like a search engine for sure. Build your own search engine in mind and implement the same in your website. You have to propose your own search algorithm without any mercy or negotiations.

Solve the problem of discoverability, quality, and relevancy like an army surgical strike. As I always believe, the rules of SEO change every now and then. Learn the updates, test them, implement them, try, try, and try again, but, never over-optimize it.

Read more about How to Become an SEO Specialist in 2023.

A passionate SEO Analyst will always thrive to get the search community knowledge 24/7 by participating on various platforms including attending the digital marketing online webinar, listening to SEO podcasts, top SEO blogs by pro-bloggers, SEO expert videos, and more related channels.

Don’t have any paid SEO tool for your analysis, try Dragon Metrics SEO Tool for Free

Knowledge of the basic on-page SEO & off-page SEO optimization isn’t enough in these ever-changing search engine algorithms. If you are willing to claim yourself as a Top SEO Analyst in India then you must know the complete Technical SEO. Here is the importance of Logfile analysis in SEO. Learning the ultimate Technical SEO is the next big thing in the search community!

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Must read 👉Guide to Export 25,000 rows using GSC API without coding!!!” 


I don’t want to finish this how to become the best SEO specialist in India without my personal conclusion. All the information you gathered both online and offline will make you feel mentally confident, but, the way you strategically apply them & learn by analyzing both the positive & negative results of it is the only way to become a Top SEO Analyst in India!

I am Manikandan N – on a mission to become the Best SEO Analyst in Chennai, India. Wish me one fine day I will become the best Search Engineer on Google!

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